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You depend on your vehicle to get you where you are going. Day in and day out, you put hundreds and thousands of miles on the odometer, and gradually wear down almost all of the mechanical systems. Cars need the kind of exceptional auto care – from headlights to tailpipe – that only the most seasoned mechanics can provide.

At Diamond Auto Service in Sacramento, CA, we take care to offer your vehicle all the diagnostics, maintenance assistance, and repairs it needs to last out on the road. These include:

  • Brakes

  • Coolant Service

  • Custom Body Work & Restoration

  • Engine Replacement

  • Engine Diagnostics

  • Full Factory Color Spray & Paint

  • Head Gaskets

  • Heating & A/C Inspection

  • Oil Change

  • Specialized Mercedes Benz Service

  • Timing Belts

  • High Performance Engine Builds

  • Transmission Service

  • Tune-Ups

  • Vehicle Decals

  • And Much More!

Collision Repair
Auto Body Repair
Custom Paint & Body Work
Mercedes Benz Specialist
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You’ve been in an accident. You’re not hurt, but your car is in no shape to drive.

You need that car fixed, now. You need to be able to travel from A to B like you did before the accident, and you need to get things done.

Diamond Auto Services can make it happen!

We work with cars, trucks, and SUVs of all types, every day; providing fast, efficient, comprehensive collision repair services to get things back to normal. Our ordering system and vast network of resources lets us get parts and equipment in on same day or next for your convenience and satisfaction. Because if you’re not happy, Diamond’s not done!

But more than just our efficient, effective repairs, we can work with a variety of insurance companies as well, and help you to make it easy. The insurance companies give us a written estimate on the collision damage; we match it up with our CCC system and technicians’ feedback, then we make your repair happen for less.

We make your experience with Diamond Auto Services worry free. Your car looks like new again, and we save you more on repair costs because – with our experience – we know exactly how to do it.


Regular auto repair is a simple fact of life. Just like the sun will rise tomorrow, you will eventually need to bring your car in for service. Whether it’s something minor like tires or brakes, or something more complex like engine rebuilds, sooner or later the road always wins. The good news is the time between tune-ups is totally up to you! When you bring your car in for service at Diamond Auto Services, that time frame expands by leaps and bounds! It’s because we know what your car needs. We provide every type of automotive repair.

These services include:

  • Tune Up

  • Diagnostics

  • Transmission and Engine Work

  • Engine Repair (Rebuild)

  • Brakes

  • Struts

  • Axle

  • Electrical on cars

And more…

Best of all, we ALWAYS get approval from you, our valued client, before we do any work. Too often, underhanded auto mechanics simply perform the work without consultation, and give our profession a bad name. That’s not Diamond Auto. We can have it done for you within 3-5 business days (on average, for larger projects), but we always strive to get the green light.  

We are a local auto repair shop in Sacramento, working with local families on all their automotive needs. We keep it fair. We keep it fast. And we keep it affordable because customer satisfaction is our number one priority.   


Diamond Auto Service does a range of custom paint and bodywork jobs according to your needs. We offer an entire spectrum of colors to bring the car’s look back to manufacturer’s standards, and options for body repairs that will give your vehicle optimal performance.

Weather. Wind. Rain. Sand. These are all the things that can chip, erode, and wear away the paint on your car and make it look worn out and unattractive. These factors contribute to the devaluation of your car as well, and decrease the chances of someone else ever purchasing it again.

But Diamond Auto Services has the solution for you. We can provide some of the most exceptional custom paint and body work in the Sacramento, CA area for almost any type of vehicle. Cars, trucks, SUVs – with our trained and certified staff, you get to choose.

Custom Decals

We offer custom vehicle and truck detail to any car. We also offer vehicle decals for any car, and design, prep, and paste all the decals ourselves.

Choose the right look, the right colors, the right repairs for your car. While we cannot do any aftermarket modifications to improve performance, we can help you transform and protect your car with the best paint and coating products in the industry. Our techs will make it look better, run better, sound better, and offer you an exceptional appearance you will love.

Notary Services

Diamond Auto Services is also a notary-certified business. We provide notary services for ongoing clients, and can assist you in a variety of notary-related needs.


Own a Mercedes-Benz? Need it repaired? That is our specialty! Our top-rated mechanics have worked on Mercedes-Benz for over 30 years, have a great relationship with many of the dealerships in the area, and can get you the part you need quickly so you can be back on the road, doing what you do best.

Mercedes-Benz. It’s THE name in luxury vehicles the world over, and one of the most versatile types of cars on the road. The sedan, the sports car, the SUV – Mercedes-Benz offers something for every type of driver and in almost every type of class. But like any other car on the road, the Mercedes-Benz is going to eventually need maintenance and repairs. It will need the type of tender loving care and attention that only you – as its owner – can provide to make it run and look like new.

Diamond Auto Services can help!

For more than 30 years, we have specialized in the diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Many of our ASE-certified technicians came from Mercedes-Benz dealerships, so they know what to look for, how to communicate the problem to you, and fix it, quickly and efficiently. Diamond Auto Services uses all computerized diagnostic equipment.

Need more incentive to bring your Mercedes into us?

When repairing any Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we use our direct line to both the company overseas and the luxury dealerships in the area to order parts and get them in fast. We are the only certified auto repair shop in the Sacramento area that can get repairs and maintenance done on your Mercedes Benz for LESS THAN dealership prices.


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